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Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit

Welcome to HIAT

This health inequalities assessment toolkit (HIAT) is currently undergoing a series of updates.

It has been developed to make sure that all our activities have the potential to contribute to reducing inequalities in health. Our steering board requires all proposals that are looking for support to include a health inequalities assessment report, which you can see in the Resources section of this site. Download here.

The toolkit explains why we are focusing on reducing health inequalities and tackling their causes. It also includes guidance on how to use it and links to resources that can help you assess whether your work considers the causes of health inequalities and has the maximum possible effect on reducing these. You can access the HIAT website to find resources such as readings, films, activities and case studies providing more information and practical examples. The website also features a downloadable short version of the toolkit for busy professionals so that they can quickly identify and understand the information they need.

Our staff and partners worked together to develop the toolkit in a series of workshops in 2014-2015. This is the third version of the toolkit, which we have changed using feedback from people who have used it. We plan to revise it regularly to make sure it continues to reflect your experience.

*** HIAT News ***

Jennie Popay and Ana Porroche have been shortlisted for the North West Coast Research and Innovation Awards 2018 in the category of "taking research into practice" for their health inequalities assessment toolkit (HIAT) and for their commitment to embed health inequalities in the work developed by CLAHRC NWC.